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Oxfordshire Freelance Photographer Andy Trevaskis is an independent photographer shooting editorial, commercial, and general subjects photography. Based in the beautiful Cotswolds, Oxfordshire, Andy undertakes photography commissions across the UK and beyond.

Andy loves shooting anyone or anything with a story and particularly relishes working with artists, musicians, actors, business leaders, and politicians.   Andy’s goal as a general subjects photographer is to look past the surface to capture and create something deeper. Sometimes this results in creating a bright, eye-catching image, and sometimes a more poetic or moody study of the subject.   Andy often uses simple lighting setups and uncomplicated methods to produce outstanding results.

Integral to the process of his work is image editing. Every time the shutter is released during a shoot, Andy is considering the visual possibilities of what happens later in the editing suite. Although always striving for the perfect confluence of structure, perspective, lighting, pose, and expression during the shoot, Andy has an instinct for seeing past those technical obstacles that may be overcome later, in pursuit of spotting hidden secrets that can only be conjured in the moment.

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t:+44 (0) 7771 710777 –  e: The Old Chapel, Fordwells, Witney, Oxfordshire OX29 9PP United Kingdom


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